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Magic Carpet Cleaning

11 Camuglia St,
Garbutt, QLD 4814

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to prepare anything before my carpet cleaning?

In order to get the best quality result, it is in the customers best interest to clear away any furniture, vacuum the carpets they want cleaned, and remove any dirt or debris. Removing surface dirt and dust will simplify the process and minimise the time it takes to get a great result, which will reduce the cost of the appointment. Once the job has been completed, we recommend opening up your windows and giving everything a chance to dry out.

Can you guarantee that all the stains will come out?

In the case that your carpet is just too far gone, we cannot guarantee that all stains will come out. At Magic Carpet Cleaning, the service provided will be the best you can get. We ensure a magic job every time!

The stains that are the hardest to get out tend to be urine from pets, and particularly those that have been left for some time. We have top-quality cleaning agents that can do an amazing job, so get in touch no matter how bad it is!

There are three main types of chemical that can be used (acidic, alkaline, and neutral) and using the wrong type can permanently set a stain. We encourage you to please refrain from removing the stain with these products and let Magic Carpet Cleaning take the hard work off your hands.

What areas do you service?

The team at Magic Carpet Cleaning service all of Townsville and much of its surrounds. We will take on bookings for homes up to Rowes Bay, out past Mount Louisa, and of course Townsville City and South Townsville, to name a few. We’ve carried out top quality cleans for customers all over Townsville.